Finally a Product that significantly reduces the negative impact of cell phone radiation on your health!
How can you know it's effective?
It's from an ancient mineral deposit in Russia with a form of carbon that has a unique molecular structure that reverses the spin of EMF radiation rendering it harmless. The Russians have been studying this and utilizing it for years.
Bioenergetics researcher Regina Martino has been conducting experiments on this since 2006. She studies the impact of natural objects, such as minerals and crystals, on the energetic  bodies of living beings, which includes our subtle energy centers or chakras. 

Essentially, it transforms artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, thereby neutralizing their negative impact. In other words, it transforms harmful radiation—not by eliminating it but by changing its properties. This can happen whether the it's is in direct contact with your body or just nearby.
From Pub Med, a credible scientific compilation of current research on alternative health solutions.

Shielding effect of mineral  during electromagnetic irradiation of rats.
Kurotchenko SP1, Subbotina TI, Tuktamyshev II, Tuktamyshev ISh, Khadartsev AA, Yashin AA.
We studied the effect of nonthermal 37-GHz radiation on hemopoiesis on shielded Wistar rats. Radiation with right-handed or left-handed rotation of the polarization plane of electromagnetic wave was used. Shielding  decreased the severity of damage produced by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
From a report presented at Scientific Congress in Russia, “2016” 

When it encounters EMF frequencies, a phenomenon known as "resonance." takes place. It transform EMF waves into waveforms that are more compatible with our biology. It effectively shields you from the harmful electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers, 5g, cell towers, TVs, etc.

The scientists who discovered this unique form of carbon nolecular structure actually won a nobel prize for their discovery in 1996. 
Scientific American Article on the Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation
Scientific American is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States, founded by inventor and publisher Rufus M. Porter in 1845, and running monthly since 1921. It is a highly influential publication, widely reputed for its rigorous scientific standards, and lauded by today’s fact-checkers as highly credible and staunchly pro-science.

In the article, University of California, Berkeley public health researcher Joel M. Moskowitz argues that 5G, along with previous w-fi and cellular technology, is much more harmful than the government and telecomm industry wants the public to believe.  The safety standards that the FCC wishes to maintain are severely outdated and fail to reflect the growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating harm.
Moskowitz notes that the ’90’s exposure limits only address the singular concern over the potential effects of the intensity of exposure to RFR. With the research we now have available the health concerns are much broader, including a sincere risk of cancer, among other things. Here's a link to the article.
Testimonials and Anecdotal Evidence
"I happen to be very sensitive to cell phone frequencies. I usually use a headset to distance the phone from my brain, but when I can't find my headset and need to take a call, my head starts to burn. I tried using my phone without the Wellness Mineral and I had the usual burn but as soon as I put the Wellness Mineral on the phone, I was OK" ..... Terry Brown

"This is no joke. It works. U can feel the difference within minutes of putting it on. Your hands no longer hurt when using phone, u no longer get headaches, etc."

"When I put this on phone  I stopped getting blurred vision from using phone. "
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